Getting married in the tropical sun, velvet nights of the sensual Seychelles are getting more and more popular among couples around the world. Wedding in Seychelles with a romantic wedding ceremony on a tropical beautiful island offers the best romantic experience and is the choice of many lovebirds.

The Seychelles is one of the most exclusive destinations that everyone dreams of marrying in. The jewel of the Indian Ocean offers its untouched nature, turquoise water, variety of beautiful colors, the lush vegetation and the white powder sanded beaches. The incredible island of the Seychelles offer breathtaking scenery for beach wedding and stunning wedding photography. You can plan your wedding in Seychelles on a number of stunning islands of Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and outer islands called Amirantes with incredible backdrop of crystal clear water.

Due to its proximity to the equator, Seychelles Archipelago weather is all year-round constant and tropical. Temperatures vary from 25°C to 32°C, and the water temperature is all year-round between 26°C to 30°C.

  • From May to October, it's called the dry season because the amount of rainwater is the lowest of the year during that period. It’s the windiest period of the year, the wind is blowing from S.E. Temperature drops as wind speed increases daily and constantly till it reaches its climax in August. The wind speeds are 28km/h (average).
  • From November till end of the December, the winds drop and rotate 180° to the N.W. The wind speed is almost null. It’s one of the nicest periods of the year; I like to call it "the postcard season". Temperatures rise slowly to an average of 28°C/30°C.
  • From January to February, it's called the raining season because the quantity of rainwater is the highest of the year during that short period. The wind is not constant, blowing from N.W. The wind speeds are 10km/h (average). It can rain heavily at night and on the next morning we experience a wonderful sunny day, with extreme blue skies, till the next rain (usually from sunset till sunrise). Temperatures are around 30°C/32°C average.
  • From March till end of the April, again, the winds speed declines to nearly null with relatively high humidity about 85%. It's one of the nicest periods of the year, I like to call it "the flying season" because it's perfect for paragliders like me. Temperature reaches 30°C/32°C average. It’s usually called the warmest season, even if you might experience some short tropical showers.

Looking to find the right wedding photographer in Seychelles is not an easy task. Wedding photography is not only about having the latest camera on the market, it's also about the general local knowledge about Seychelles tides, sun and winds orientations.

These are the main reasons why prices differs from one photographer to another, it's about equipment, talent & knowledge.

Finding a photographer who is willing to lower his prices is not necessary a proof of a good deal, because in terms of busyness, lowering prices reveals a real need to fill-up an empty agenda.

Also I would recommend to completely avoiding the “Tour Operator wedding package” that includes the “cheap” photography services (including 36 prints), no matter even if they show you the best pictures from their sub-contracted photographer, keeping in mind that any beginner can make 10 good photographs during an entire wedding afternoon.

Considering the fact do not ask the Tour Operator: "Show me your best wedding photography pictures" but rather look for the entire story captured by them. And believe it or not, there is a massive difference between a "10 good shots photographer" and myself creating a slideshow with one hundred of the finest images I took, to tell the entire story of your wedding day.

What matters is not only the price, but also finding a professional photographer capable of telling your story with a camera.

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Seychelles for your wedding ceremony, contact me today to speak about your ideas and I will be bringing them to life, respecting your privacy I will assist you organizing your wedding photography on a beautiful beach or in your hotel. I can offer you lifestyle wedding photography or traditional wedding photography depending on what you prefer. If you are already married, I can also provide you a special newly wed or honeymoon wedding photography package.

I hope I have the pleasure working with you capturing your story.

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