Emma and Humberto, Wedding on Praslin

Laurent is a very patient and very responsible photographer. Before taking off, he provided us many valuable suggestions, by phone and e-mails, including clothing accessories, color options, time table of tides and figure out the best photography sunshine hours, and in case of poor weather conditions he provide us an alternative solution. So the photo-shoot could be achieved in the most perfect conditions. Location selected was Praslin’s most luxurious 5 stars hotel Constance Lemuria, with 3 private beaches, because Laurent has a long-term partnership with the Hotel, we could access this private area, including Praslin’s most beautiful white sandy beach, Anse Georgette.

During the photo-shoot, He made us feel at ease and captured our honeymoon photos on the beach, he is particularly familiar with the specific methods, how to accurately grasp the sea, the sun, the wind, get the best and most natural images. There is no doubt regarding his professionalism.
He also interact with us in between takes, to eliminate our tension, he occasionally humorous took a snapshot of us quickly into the state, the photographic process becomes relaxed, natural expression more sincere and natural.

Laurent, is focused on the filming process including the preparation phase and post production of all the details of the photography, with his expertise and local island wedding photography impeccable control, making him a professional photographer.

Laurent has delivered all of our high-definition pictures on the original format, after four hours of continuous shooting, and help us selecting hundred images among 300 or more. this greatly facilitated our future further screening, of the photos of refinement he provided us.

We are extremely happy with Laurent and his photos, we’ve also worked with some others photographers, in Paris and Rome. We’ve decided to write these words, to help others to find the right photographer. It’s rare to find a local photographer but European, based in Seychelles and we wish to recommend him to everyone. That every couple enjoy their Seychelles travel with a lot of fun, and leave a lifetime of memories of the perfect image, thanks to him.

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I wish to thanks Emma and Humberto for their smiles and sens of humour, this photo-session what probably the funniest of the year, they were very spontanueous in front of the camera, and they were very open minded regarding my suggestions. it was a bright day, and I’ve shot in 3 different locations in the same resort: Anse Kerlan, Anse Georgette and through the Hotel Golf as well. It was really a rewarding experience for the both of us.